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Winter is Coming

We are well into Autumn now and are still experiencing sunny spells, just what we needed with a late start to the year (weather wise).

Next Sunday many members of the club will be attending the Brace of Bramley 200KM Audax setting off from Surbiton, so looking forward to that!

October brings the return of the SCC Zwift League, run by our very own Neil B, this kicks off on Monday16th, so get your turbo set up in time for this if you haven't already! Nothing like a bit of friendly competition!

In other news, work is under way to revamp our club kit, if you haven't filled out the kit survey please do or directly message one of the admins for your input.

Our club rides are continuing as usual through the Autum/Winter Season so make sure to come equipped with lights and appropriate kit/gear.

Hope to see you out soon, happy riding!

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